Over the years, electronic portfolios have been studied and used extensively by institutions of higher education for the benefits they bring on multiple fronts.  An ePorftolio is a powerful tool for assessment and reflection for students and faculty alike. But unlike other assessment tools and methods that are confined within a single course, provided with an appropriate system, an ePortfolio is able to help facilitate an integrated academic program-level assessment of students. It also becomes an avenue for which content can be showcased at the individual or institutional level to the public.

UPOU ePortfolios is a system that aims to fulfill this goal for the Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies program.

UPOU ePortfolios is powered by Mahara. Mahara is provided freely as open source software (under the GNU General Public License). In brief, this means that you are allowed to copy, use and modify Mahara provided you agree to:

  • provide the source code to others,
  • not modify or remove the original license and copyrights and
  • apply this same license to any derivative work.